Vera N. Held, B.A. Eng., Cert. PR., Tesl Cert., M.Ed.
Coach, facilitator, speaker, writer and PR consultant.
Author of international best-seller "How Not to Take it Personally".
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How Not to Take it Personally

In "How Not to Take It Personally" , Vera has successfully bridged the communication gaps by looking at people's universal needs and by embracing their differences. The beauty of "How Not to Take It Personally" is that it cuts across differences in language, culture, perception and mind set; it truly represents diversity. "How Not to Take It Personally" has sold over 20,000 copies internationally.

Seventy percent of workplace errors are truly "communication" errors. Errors, that have nothing to do with anyone's technical skills. But why does workplace productivity become impaired so frequently through miscommunication?

People are DIFFERENT, they think differently, listen differently, interpret differently, and speak differently. And if we CHERISH these differences, and not just accept them but really work with them, Held believes, we will ultimately learn from them.

Stocked with a collection of counseling and facilitation tools, and solid people insight, this corporate shrink is a coach, facilitator and speaker to staff and managers on the "big picture". Her premise is simple and readily implemented in every workplace, traditional or modern deal with a pinprick problem immediately BEFORE it becomes a bomb. Certainly "NO ANGEL", Held is a straight shooting, yet sensitive coach; she wants people to give their best to themselves, and bring out the best in others.

Key to "How Not to Take It Personally" is Held's philosophy for understanding people. LISTENING she says is an act of kindness and generosity, and despite all our technological advancements, humanity has changed little. Explains Held, "People still want the same thing respect and appreciation. Hearing someone out requires little from the listener, but just might make all the difference in the world to the speaker."

In addition to the German edition which came out in August 1999, and the Turkish translation that came out in February 2000, Vera's book is one of a select few "communication" books to be published in Quebec for French Canada and Europe. Why? The book successfully cuts across differences in language, culture, perception, and mindset.

Held has successfully bridged these communication gaps by looking at people's universal needs and by embracing their differences. The book truly represents diversity. As of March 2000, bilingual Canadian corporations have been able to obtain Vera's bestseller in both official languages.

When asked why she wrote her book, Held says, "I wrote this strategy book to help people learn to communicate both easily and effectively."



In 1998, the Canadian Booksellers Association voted Vera's  business bestseller "How Not to Take It Personally" one of the top 15 business books in Canada.  It has sold over 20,000 copies in English, French, German and Turkish.


Book Testimonials

"If you truly want to take charge of your life -- this book is a must."
- Ann Rohmer, Host, Breakfast Television, City TV

"This book is a value bonus. It contains many practical tools that the reader can exercise. "
- David Morrison, VP Training, TD Canada Trust

"Excellent insights and learnings on how to re-spirit and breathe new life into one's personal well-being and career. "
- Terry Mosey, Group Vice President, Product Portfolio Management, Bell Canada

"A well thought out and practical guide to effectively interpreting and responding to the myriad of personalities we interact with on a daily basis. "
- Bonnie Bickel, President, B.B. Bargoons

" entertaining, informative and useful book on what is probably life's most important skill. "
- John Howarth, VP Sales-The Americas, Bombardier Regional Aircraft

"...both entertaining and personally enlightening, Vera Held has used a personal touch in her writing to show the reader she has truly "walked the talk"... I will certainly recommend this book to my staff and business associates as a must read."
- Walter Fox, former President, Wajax Industries.

"The difference between what is said and what we hear dynamites more personal and professional relationships than sex, money, ambition or office politics. How Not to Take It Personally doesn't just tell you -- it shows you -- how to give and get clear messages, even in difficult situations and with challenging people."
- Charlotte Empey, Publisher, Canadian Living Magazine

"Essential Forensic psychology for the workplace."
- Arlene Bynon, "Bynon", Global TV/Prime