Vera N. Held, B.A. Eng., Cert. PR., Tesl Cert., M.Ed.
Coach, facilitator, speaker, writer and PR consultant.
Author of international best-seller "How Not to Take it Personally".
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Multi-Cultural Expert

Media Expert



P.R. Consultant/Media Relations Specialist



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Vera’s advocacy skills are top-notch. First, she was a self-advocate. Post major surgery, she was told to prematurely leave hospital on a walker; she demanded to stay until she was competent on crutches. She single-handedly called a media conference at the apartment building where she resides and where she represented over 500 tenants; her goal was to quickly, in the dead of winter, restore heat and hot water to the building plus have other pressing, tenant issues addressed. She helped many a tenant get appropriate compensation packages from management, which included the correct legal wording on their sign-off document. As well, when none were allowed, she challenged apartment building owners to allow her to affix a 3 x 3 inch pet rescue sticker to the outside of her apartment door. Vera also took on one of Canada's largest real estate firms, and all her outlay was returned to her, when in good faith she’d purchased a townhouse and subsequently dug deeper and found out that $3M worth of noisy and costly construction was to take place over the next 3 years.

Vera's an educator and a traveller, and her non-profit work then extends; she helps children in developing countries rise above poverty through education. She works with Toronto-based charity Jai Dee which means good heart in Laotian. Funds raised via the Toronto Songwriters' Festival and other projects currently assist school children in Laos and India. Simultaneously, home grown musical talent is supported via this annual festival. A long time thespian and arts advocate, Vera also volunteers with Theatre Museum Canada, a national organization dedicated to preserving Canada's theatrical heritage.