Vera N. Held, B.A. Eng., Cert. PR., Tesl Cert., M.Ed.
Coach, facilitator, speaker, writer and PR consultant.
Author of international best-seller "How Not to Take it Personally".
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Multi-Cultural Expert

Media Expert



P.R. Consultant/Media Relations Specialist



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Vera writes for national publications and websites and such as Airmiles, the National Post, Canadian Living, Investment Executive and Flare, and she has written several international features for Cathay Pacific's "Discovery" magazine. Her travel features and photos have also appeared in The National Post. Vera's photos of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and other scenery and wildlife can be viewed at

From 2005 through 2007, Vera wrote cover features, specialty features, columns and a personal account piece for HR Professional Magazine at Highlights include: September 2005 cover feature on Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., June 2006 column on diversity at Teranet Inc., January 2007 cover feature on CEOs (including a specialty interview with Monika Merz, the president of Toys R Us, Canada), and the June 2007 cover feature on thriving in a one-person HR department featuring Warren Eberlin of Alcatel-Lucent Canada.

Previously, on Saturdays, Vera’s workplace features appeared in the Toronto Star’s business/careers section as well as at Vera's cyber advice biz column can be found at at She also wrote the "Office Politics" column for The Toronto Star, and the "WorkSage" column for Workplace News and did a regular TV spot on the workplace on Citypulse 24, every Monday at 9:30 am for two years.



* Feature Writer, Toronto Star, Biz Careers, Saturdays, July 2003 to Feb.2004

*Work Sage, monthly HR column, Workplace News, (Aug.98 for 2 years)

*Office Politics , bi-monthly business column, The Toronto Star, (Oct. 97 - May 98)

*Canadian Living (nat’l), *Discovery (int’l, Cathay Pacific), *Flare (nat’l), *Nat’l Post

*Modern Woman Magazine (nat’l), *Investment Executive (nat’l), Investment Life (nat’l), The Globe and Mail (nat’l), *Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, Readers’ Showcase (nat’l), Airmiles (nat’l) *The Forest Hill Post, North York Post, Profiles Magazine (nat’l), *The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, *The Canadian Jewish News (nat’l), The Calgary Herald, The Kamloops Daily, syndicated interview with financial columnist Mike Grenby, the North Bay Nugget, The Edmonton Journal, Sales Promotion magazine, (nat’l) plus US: Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Co., The Times-Picayune, New Orleans.





“I recently read some of your articles on the MochaSofa website and I sincerely believe they are the cure to my work woes! I'd like to thank you for them.”

“I wanted to thank you for your great article on Adult ADD in the Toronto Star -- the cases you described resonate strongly with me and the way my life has evolved thus far.”

“I thought your article, "Ten Tips to Make Work Fun" really was on target as far as my own experience in the workplace was concerned. Excellent job and I hope to see more good articles like this in the future.”

“Your special to the Star article, 8/31/03, “turning your dream job into reality”, really struck a chord with me! ...”

“I just read your great article at http// and am writing to ask permission to use in our internal staff newsletter to motivate my co-workers. We work in the Securities industry, so could definitely use this article to spice up the office.”

“I really appreciated your column re: “Take the test.” I myself am struggling to make a career change and it was very relevant. I really want to do some career planning - map out where I want to go. Is there a special way to do that? I feel overwhelmed every time I sit down to do it. Also, I wondered if you do any individual career counselling?”

“A friend of mine sent me an article you've written on, "Ten tips to make work fun". I come to work now with a different set of eyes and I'm enjoying little things now that I thought never really mattered before. I have sent the same article to many friends and colleagues and have heard many positive feedback. I just wanted to say Thank you! This article has helped me in so many ways and has since changed my perspective on things.”

“I read your article "How do you know it's time for you to go?" in the Toronto Star dated Saturday August 16 th, 2003 which I found to be very interesting and informative. I am at a turning point in my career and looking for assistance in connecting with a career coach to guide me with a thorough review of my interests and options. I wonder if you would be able to assist me with this information?”